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The Chumash Maritime Association is a 501(c)3 founded in 1996 and committed to strengthening the dignity and identity of Chumash people of all ages by reclaiming our maritime culture through practical knowledge of our homeland in all its elements.  We are the builders and caretakers of the ‘Elye’wun, our community’s Tomol (traditional plank canoe).  Our central focus continues to be building, maintaining, and crewing our traditional Chumash Tomols.  Other projects and programs are also rooted in our traditions such as native plant restoration, harvesting for material culture, songs, storytelling, educational outreach, public art, youth camps and hosting gatherings to strengthen our community.


Chumash Tomols returned to navigating the waters of the Santa Barbara Channel in 1976 and reconnected us with our ancient island homelands.

000+ births registered in 2017 A lot more than 62.

There have been 4,242 births to women older than 40 this past year and 309 were to women aged 45 or older. A total of just one 1,041 teenagers gave delivery this past year and of the, 19 were beneath the age of 16. This shape was welcomed from the HSE Intimate Health insurance and Turmoil Being pregnant Program, which remarked that births to teens have dropped from 3,087 in 2001 to at least one 1,041 in 2017 – a 66 percent drop in 16 years. The figures showed that overall also, 37 percent of births were beyond relationship and 77 percent were to moms of Irish nationality. Continue reading

Government costs could rise $2.

REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman/Document PhotoThe payments total about $7 billion in fiscal 12 months 2017 and help cover out-of-pocket medical charges for low-income Us citizens who buy insurance on the average person insurance exchanges produced by the Inexpensive Treatment Act, called Obamacare often. U.S. Leader Donald Trump foretells journalists in the Oval Workplace from the White colored House following the AHCA healthcare bill was taken before a vote in Washington, U.S. March 24, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos BarriaTrump offers threatened to withhold the obligations to power Democrats towards the negotiating desk on a health care bill to displace Obamacare. He in addition has said he’ll account the subsidies if Democrats consent to financing for his proposed boundary wall structure with Mexico within efforts to move a government financing expenses this week and avert a shutdown. Continue reading

What makes some sociable people allergic to pollen?

Lluis Quintana-Murci has described immune variance on a big scale inside the French human population. To do this, they researched an expansive assortment of natural specimens from 1,000 French volunteers aged 20 to 69. For quite some time, immunology centered on dissecting the molecular systems that control physiological reactions to infections in line with the assumption these responses usually do not differ among individuals. Nevertheless, this premise continues to be challenged by latest studies suggesting that folks aren’t all equally outfitted to cope with pathogens. Age group, sex, infection background, and genetics make a difference the disease fighting capability and make people even more susceptible to disease. Continue reading

Discovery uncovers clue to disarm gonorrhea superbug Every year.

Discovery uncovers clue to disarm gonorrhea superbug Every year, a lot more than 100 million people worldwide develop the std gonorrhoea, with wellness consequences such as for example infertility, transmission of the condition to newborn infants, and increased threat of HIV infections. There’s been a 63 percent rise in gonorrhoea in Australia within the last five years lose the sexual desire . Gonorrhoea is due to bacteria that may rapidly develop level of resistance to all or any known antibiotics-commonly called ‘superbugs’. Continue reading

Published in JCI Insight.

HIV-AIDS: Following your gut Researchers in the University or college of Montreal Medical center Research Center can see ways to slow viral replication in the gastrointestinal system of individuals infected by HIV-AIDS. This advance, published in JCI Insight, may lead to the introduction of a fresh therapeutic technique to supplement antiretroviral therapy , improving the control of viral replication in HIV-infected persons and preventing complications connected with chronic infection. Continue reading

Known as amyloid fibrils.

The researchers claim that this approach could possibly be tested because of its ability to decrease infection in types of Ebola sexual transmitting. Various kinds amyloids within semen improve the transmission and infection of various other viruses, such as for example HIV, by helping the virus put on the membrane encircling host cells. Inside a earlier research, Wayne Shorter, PhD, a co-employee teacher of Biochemistry and Biophysics and co-author in the scholarly research, identified how candida heat surprise proteins and a little molecule known as CLR01 could disrupt the forming of amyloid fibrils within semen to create human immune system cells less inclined to end up being contaminated with HIV. Continue reading

Robotic roundup: Useful?

And, obviously, it proved helpful. Heading or eliminated will be the more traditional strategies. Unless patient objectives change or extended competition is allowed, this will make sure that the manufacturer views a large income stream for many years to come. The effect: This product will travel up healthcare costs significantly in the foreseeable future, while clinical outcomes stay unchanged relatively. After that, Dr. Catherine Mohr, older movie director of medical analysis at Intuitive Operative, makers from the DaVinci robotic operative program, countered on Forbes. If laparoscopy is certainly feasible or designed for a specific individual, the medical procedures ought to be performed laparoscopically. A good example of that is hysterectomy. The introduction of the da Vinci Medical Program into gynecologic medical procedures before 10 years offers resulted in a substantial decrease in the amount of open up incision hysterectomies performed in america. Continue reading

Canada is definitely pursuing unprecedented steps to curb their use.

Open public health advocates possess campaigned unsuccessfully to limit the long-term usage of any opioid for non-cancer discomfort. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance released nonbinding recommendations this past year cautioning against the usage of long-acting opioids as first-line treatment for persistent discomfort and urging low preliminary dosages and discontinuation at the earliest opportunity. The annual Most Wired survey was created to measure the degree of it implementation in hospitals and health systems over the USA. The 2017 study was the most streamlined however, and featured an elevated focus on how protection, home-monitoring, and sensible systems improve not merely individual quality and protection of treatment, but clinician workflow aswell. Each participating firm is offered a customized evaluation of their IT functions from that functions like a proper roadmap for health system leadership. Continue reading

Search for toothbrushes in the photo above.

As it works out, size issues. When we read through moments for a specific object, we frequently miss even huge goals when their size is certainly inconsistent with all of those other scene. That’s relating to researchers at UC Santa Barbara, where this inquisitive phenomenon has been investigated in order to better know how humans conduct visible searches. These brand-new findings, by researchers in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, are posted in the journal Current Biology. When something shows up at the incorrect scale, you can miss it more regularly because the human brain automatically ignores it, stated UCSB teacher Miguel Eckstein, who specializes in computational individual vision, visual search and attention. Continue reading

High-dose opioid prescribing linked to heroin use risk among U.

Multivariable Cox regression evaluation demonstrated that prior receipt of the high-dose opioid prescription was connected with latest heroin make use of . The analysis was funded with the Country wide Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism as well as the Country wide Institute on SUBSTANCE ABUSE. Ms. Banerjee reported having no economic disclosures.. High-dose opioid prescribing linked to heroin use risk among U.S. Veterans NORTH PARK – High-dose opioid prescribing is connected with an increased threat of heroin make use of among U.S. Veterans, a potential study showed. Banerjee, a graduate pupil at Brown School, Providence, R.We., and her affiliates analyzed data from 3,570 people signed up for the Veterans Maturing Cohort Research without nonmedical make use of or prescription opioids or heroin make use of in the entire year ahead of baseline, and who received several prescription opioid through the VA during follow-up. Continue reading